Better Bundles Exchange Program


Don't throw away your old human hair extensions, Get paid for them instead. For a limited time we are conducting research on human hair extension production and manufacturing waste. We need cost effective material and we will pay you by the ounce. Your trash is our treasure.

Follow our simple 5 step process:
Wash it
Dry it
Brush it
Roll it
Mail it

Order your Exchange kit today and get paid!

Kit includes:
Prepaid shipping label

Note: Rate paid per ounce may change please see our rates chart at the time of mailing. Our prepaid shipping labels track packages however, we are not responsible for lost packages.

The following items cannot be accepted and will not be returned after refusal:
Synthetic hair products
Extremely Matted and heavily soiled items
Hair that is soaking wet or coated in hair products
Human hair less than 8 inches

Acceptable items:
Human hair bleached or unbleached
Human hair that has been steamed for texture
Human hair Frontals
Human hair Closures
Human hair 8" or longer
Human hair wigs 8" or longer